Coffee Hand
We source our coffee from all around the world before roasting it right here locally.  
Crabies Seafood
Crabies Seafood Restaurant is known far and wide nationally and internationally as one of THE best seafood restaurants & markets in the area.
El Hombre
El Hombre is a family owned Mexican Restaurant serving taqueria style tacos, alambres, burritos, tortas, tamales, chilaquiles, sopes, gorditas, carne asada and more of your authentic Mexican food favorites.
Jarvis Delivery
Jarvis Delivery is your local solution for third-party food delivery.
Jill’s Cakery
Jill's Cakery specializes in custom-designed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies and is now recognized as one of the premier boutique bakeries in the state.
Marshall Steak House
Almost everything is grilled on one of the largest charcoal grills in the state. Hamburgers are the specialty, especially at lunch.
Mr. Donut
All of our donuts are hand-made in-house, fresh every day. Our wide variety is sure to satisfy every customer, but if you don’t see what you want, we will gladly make it for you.
Piggoo Family Diner
Piggoo is passion on a plate. So, experiment. Expand your barbecue horizons. Above all, savor every bite!
Pups Cups
Pups Cups offers locally roasted coffee, homey baked goods, breakfast and lunch.