Electric Dreams Released 40 Years Ago This Week

The legendary rock band “The Electric Guitars” is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their iconic album “Electric Dreams.” The album, which was released in 1983, was a massive commercial success and helped to define the sound of rock music in the 1980s. To celebrate the... Read More.

Rock Legends Unite to Mourn Loss of Adam Mercury

In a somber moment that has sent shockwaves throughout the music world, numerous fictional rock artists from different corners of the industry have come together to mourn the untimely demise of a beloved figure, leaving fans and fellow musicians devastated. The news of the passing... Read More.

Zan Valen Working on New Music

Zan Valen, the popular indie rock band known for their catchy hooks and introspective lyrics, has announced that they will be releasing a new album next month. The album, titled “Echoes of the Past,” is the band’s first release in over two years. In an... Read More.

Jimmy Lee Never Wanted Fame and Fortune

For the past 20 years, Jimmy Lee has released several albums and has toured all over the world. Despite his success, he has always been very private and has never been interested in fame or fortune. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jimmy Lee... Read More.