About Dane

Introducing Dane, the vibrant and talented voice behind your top 40 afternoon radio show. With his magnetic personality and deep passion for music, Dane is here to inject energy into your afternoons and keep you hooked with the hottest hits. But that's not all—he also dons the hat of a television host, engaging viewers with exclusive interviews of local celebrities on his weekly TV show.

As a top 40 afternoon radio show personality, Dane possesses an innate ability to curate the perfect blend of chart-topping hits that will uplift your spirits and keep you grooving. His infectious energy and smooth delivery create an atmosphere that entices you to turn up the volume and let loose. Dane's extensive knowledge of the top 40 charts ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest hits and trends in the music industry.

Beyond his radio prowess, Dane's television show adds another layer of excitement to his career. Each week, he sits down with local celebrities, providing a platform for them to share their stories, accomplishments, and insights. Dane's engaging interview style and genuine interest in his guests make for compelling viewing experiences, making his show a must-watch for fans of local celebrity culture.

Whether you're tuning in to Dane's top 40 afternoon radio show or catching him on television, you can expect an afternoon filled with pulsating beats, catchy tunes, and intriguing conversations. Dane's vibrant personality and genuine passion for music and local celebrity culture make him the ultimate guide to a captivating afternoon.

Thank you for choosing Dane as your top 40 afternoon radio show host and television personality. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of chart-topping hits and fascinating interviews as Dane brings you an unforgettable audiovisual experience every day.