About Guy

With his unmatched passion for music and his incredible drumming skills, Guy takes you on a sonic journey that will make your afternoons unforgettable.

From an early age, Guy found solace in the rhythm of rock music. Drawn to the beat of the drums, he discovered his innate talent and unwavering love for creating music. As a drummer in a local band, he channels his boundless energy and creative spirit into live performances that leave audiences in awe.

As the afternoon radio personality, Guy's energetic and charismatic voice electrifies the airwaves. With his vast knowledge of rock history and his knack for selecting the perfect tracks, he brings you an eclectic mix of rock classics, hidden gems, and the latest hits. His infectious enthusiasm and engaging storytelling keep you hooked, as he shares personal anecdotes and fascinating insights into the world of rock.

Beyond his radio persona, Guy is a force to be reckoned with on the local music scene. As a drummer in a band, he brings the heartbeat to their explosive live shows, infusing each performance with his dynamic rhythm and raw talent. His dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with the audience through his music make him a standout in the local rock community.

On this website, you'll find a multitude of resources to dive deeper into the rock music universe. Tune in to Guy's thrilling radio broadcasts, where he unleashes a cascade of hard-hitting tracks and invites you to immerse yourself in the electric energy of rock. Explore his blog, where he shares personal insights, behind-the-scenes stories from his band's journey, and interviews with rock legends.