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Welcome to the online domain of Jo Nah, the fierce and charismatic force behind your hip-hop radio experience during the afternoon drive. With his magnetic personality, deep love for hip-hop, and diverse artistic pursuits, Jo Nah is here to elevate your afternoons and keep the energy flowing.

Jo Nah's passion for hip-hop began at a young age, as he discovered the mesmerizing beats and thought-provoking lyrics that define the genre. Fueling her creative spirit, he sought to immerse himself in various art forms and bring his unique talents to the world. Alongside his radio career, Jo Nah is an accomplished member of a local acting group, showcasing his talent and versatility on stage.

As the afternoon drive radio personality, Jo Nah harnesses his dynamic energy to captivate listeners with an electrifying mix of hip-hop tunes, lively banter, and a deep understanding of the culture. He creates an atmosphere that keeps you grooving to the beats and engages you with his infectious enthusiasm for the music. Whether he's introducing you to emerging artists or celebrating the legends of hip-hop, Jo Nah's passion shines through every segment.

Beyond his radio persona, Jo Nah also operates a DJ service, where he brings a unique blend of hip-hop, creativity, and crowd-pleasing skills to various events and venues. With a talent for reading the room and curating the perfect playlist, he ensures that every occasion becomes an unforgettable experience.

Tune in each afternoon to his energetic broadcasts, where he seamlessly blends hip-hop hits, engaging discussions, and the latest industry updates.