About Sampson

With his captivating energy and deep love for music, Sampson is here to guide you through the nocturnal hours with the hottest hits that will keep you dancing and grooving until the break of dawn.

As a top 40 night radio show personality, Sampson has an innate ability to curate an electric mix of chart-topping tunes that will elevate your nightlife experience. His smooth voice and impeccable timing create an irresistible atmosphere, allowing you to escape into a world of pulsating beats and infectious melodies. Sampson's extensive knowledge of the top 40 charts ensures that you stay connected with the latest hits and trends in the music industry.

Throughout the night, Sampson's vibrant personality will accompany you on your musical journey. With his infectious energy and effortless charm, he sets the perfect backdrop for your late-night escapades. Whether you're driving through the city streets or having a night in with friends, Sampson's top 40 selections will create an unforgettable soundtrack for your evenings.

Sampson's passion for music goes beyond the radio waves. With an extensive collection of tracks and a deep appreciation for various genres, he is always on the lookout for fresh sounds and emerging artists. His dedication to sharing the best of the top 40 scene ensures that you're ahead of the curve and immersed in the most exciting sounds of the moment.

Thank you for choosing Sampson as your night navigator of top 40 hits. Get ready to let loose, feel the rhythm, and let Sampson guide you through an unforgettable musical journey as you navigate the night.