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About Scott & Jess

Welcome to the virtual hub of Scott and Jess, the dynamic duo that kickstarts your mornings with the hottest hits and infectious energy on their top 40 radio show. Get ready to seize the day, sing along to your favorite tunes, and dive into a world of laughter, entertainment, and chart-topping music.

Introducing our hosts:

Scott "The Morning Maestro": With his charming personality and quick wit, Scott takes the helm of your morning radio experience. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the top 40 charts, he seamlessly blends the latest hits, timeless classics, and your most requested tracks to create the perfect playlist for your morning commute. Scott's infectious laughter and engaging banter keep you entertained and brighten up the start of your day.

Jess "The Melody Maven": As the co-pilot of the morning show, Jess infuses the airwaves with her vibrant energy and music expertise. Her melodious voice and genuine enthusiasm for music radiate through the speakers, captivating listeners as she shares intriguing insights, artist interviews, and exciting behind-the-scenes stories. Jess's knack for connecting with the audience and uplifting spirits creates an inviting and joyful atmosphere every morning.

Together, Scott and Jess form a dynamic duo that electrifies your mornings, setting the tone for a day filled with upbeat vibes and unforgettable moments.

Join us on this website as we bring the magic of our top 40 radio show to life. Tune in to our morning jams, where Scott and Jess keep the momentum going with a carefully curated blend of pop sensations, catchy hooks, and infectious beats.

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Thank you for joining the virtual world of Scott and Jess. Get ready to kickstart your mornings with the ultimate top 40 jams, lively banter, and a whole lot of fun. Let us be your trusty companions as we navigate the world of music together, ensuring your mornings are filled with laughter, entertainment, and the most unforgettable hits.